Supporting Small Businesses to achieve their goals through marketing


Amy Miocevich is a Perth-based marketing expert who works closely with Small Business owners and founders to achieve their goals through very good marketing strategy.


Very Good Marketing

When it comes to marketing, most business leaders don’t feel they have a grip. A lack of understanding, too many marketing methods, confusing data and inadequate results leave marketing at the very bottom of the list. It is frustrating and it is impossible to know where to turn.

Amy Miocevich’s Caterpillar Framework™ is a proven antidote to the confusion, unpredictability and disconnect of modern marketing. The groundbreaking method for articulating the customer journey into a clear and simple model connects leaders, employees and external parties with organisational goals and gives them the sense-making foundations that achieve them.


Lumos Marketing

Lumos Marketing is Perth’s #1 Small Business Marketing provider, providing premium marketing at small business prices. Nearly a decade ago, Lumos Marketing was founded to create honest, transparent and powerful marketing solutions for small businesses who wanted to achieve their goals and grow their revenue.


Speaking and training

Amy’s approach to marketing strategy is simple, powerful and based on frameworks that stand the test of time. Using key concepts from her leading IP, The Caterpillar Framework™, Amy is available to speak at your next event and provide exceptionally useful training to anyone who wants to implement a simple and effective marketing strategy for their small business.

Contact Amy

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For speaking and consulting enquiries contact
Cindy Or
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For media enquiries contact
Emily Morgan, Media Stables
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